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Cutting Through Complexity

Defined benefit plans, including cash balance plans, are powerful tools to significantly increase retirement savings and tax deductions. However, these tools have a host of complexities that 401(k) plans do not. At Michigan Pension & Actuarial Services, we believe the most important factor in a successful defined benefit plan is frequent communication with the plan’s actuary.

We do not just provide an annual valuation, a contribution range, and a signed tax form. We take time to explain these plans in language you understand.

This also holds for our TPA partners. Our consulting includes direct communication with the client and their advisors as part of our scope of services. No one wants a surprise in their retirement plan.

Plan Design and Consulting

We work with you and your advisors to design the plan that works best for you. We provide unlimited design illustrations, and make sure you know the pros and cons of each design.


TPA Support

We provide actuarial services for TPAs who do not have an in-house actuary. We can work directly with your client to make sure they understand their plan.


QDRO Consulting

We assist attorneys and their clients in the event of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) resulting from divorce.

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